After you implant is fitted it is essential that you keep on top of your dental health and hygiene. Your implant dentist will like to see you initially every 6 months for the first year and then annually afterwards to make sure the implant is still functioning as intended. It is also recommended that you […]

Restoration Phase

After the healing period is complete we will invite you back to the practice to make sure the implant has taken. Success for implants is generally greater than 95% however on rare occasions the integration to the bond may not be successful. Once we can confirm the implant has fused sufficiently we will take scans […]

The Healing Period

Implant take between 2-3 months to start to fuse to your bone. During this time we can provide you with a temporary solution for your space. The process of your bone fusing to the implant is called osteointegration. During this initial period we try and keep forces on your implant to a minimum.


About 10-14 days following your implant placement we ask you to call back in to make sure everything is healing nicely and that you are not having any issues. Some post-operative discomfort and swelling is likely after placement of your implants but these symptoms can be managed with anti-inflammatory medications and ice.

Implant placement

Once the plan is agreed we book you in for placement of your dental implants. The length of these appointments varies with the complexity of your case but we will make sure you know all have all the appropriate information before your appointment so that you can be adequately prepared. We have in house sedation, […]


Once we have our scan we can then digitally plan your case. This state of the art technology allows us to actually carry out the implant placement virtually so we know the best location for your dental implants.

3D scan

Once we know what the plan will be normally carry out a 3D scan using our in scanner to make sure you have suitable bone for implant placement.