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The Superpower of Smiling: Lessons from Mother Teresa, Darwin, and Modern Science

A smile might seem small, but it holds a lot of power – something Mother Teresa and Charles Darwin both recognised. Mother Teresa, known for her kindness, often spoke about how a simple smile can make a big difference. She believed that even when things are tough, a smile can bring hope and warmth to […]

Everything you need to know about how your NHS dental care is changing, Scotland

CHANGES TO NHS DENTAL CARE Frequently Asked Questions You may be aware that the Scottish Government has changed the way in which NHS dental care is delivered in Scotland. These changes came into effect on the 1st November 2023 and apply to all NHS patients. To help you understand what these changes mean for you […]

Custom-made Sports Mouthguards Glasgow : A dentist’s perspective

As a dentist, I see the consequences of sports injuries to the teeth and mouth all the time. That’s why I strongly recommend that all athletes wear a mouthguard, regardless of their age or skill level.There are two main types of mouthguards: stock and custom-made. Stock mouthguards are pre-made and available at most sporting goods […]

Why Is It Important to Replace Missing Teeth?

Today, we’ll discuss a topic that is often overlooked but has significant implications for your oral health and overall well-being: replacing missing teeth. Many patients underestimate the importance of addressing tooth loss, assuming it is merely a cosmetic concern. However, the effects of missing teeth go far beyond aesthetics. In this article, we will delve […]

Digital Dentistry and Developments……

It’s been a big week at Hannigan Dental Care. We’ve been working in the background for many months reshaping our practice in order to rise to the challenges that have presented over the last 18 months. This week, however, our hard work has started to pay off with the completion of our newly named “Jura […]

COVID Restrictions in Dentistry: Update 1/11/20

The Scottish Government has said normal NHS services resumed from the 1st November so why can’t I book in for my treatment? As of the 1st November we moved in to ‘Phase 4’ of the remobilisation of NHS dental services in Scotland. This means that dental practices are, once again, allowed to offer the full […]

New Website is Here!

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new website which is now live. We’ve been working very hard on this behind the scenes and we’re really pleased with the outcome. We made the decision to update the website early in the year before COVID 19 chaos was even on the radar, […]