Digital Dentistry and Developments……

It’s been a big week at Hannigan Dental Care. We’ve been working in the background for many months reshaping our practice in order to rise to the challenges that have presented over the last 18 months. This week, however, our hard work has started to pay off with the completion of our newly named “Jura Suite” and the installation of a high tech 3D digital scanner.

The Jura Suite

The new dental suite allows us to increase patient throughput for routine dentistry and hygiene services. We have also invested in ventilation units for all four treatment rooms, which allow us to cut down the time we need to leave a room after a water spray procedure is carried out. These changes will make a big difference to the amount of appointments we will be able to offer. We are currently allowing under 18’s to book in for routine check-ups and we are inviting adult patients for examinations as we work through the waiting list. I would ask everyone to continue to be patient as the waiting list for routine exams is very long so it is taking considerable time to work through, more so as we continue to work under COVID restrictions. We have a list of everyone who is over due and will be in touch as soon as we can. We are still available for emergency appointments so if you have any issues please get in contact with us and we will see you sooner. Additionally, if you are flexible (e.g. working from home locally, retired etc.) we are now operating a late cancellation list. If you wish to be added to this list please contact reception and they will then phone you in the event of a late cancellation (i.e. <24 hours notice) to invite you for a check up.

The Third Dimension

Installing an in-house 3D scanner is a huge milestone for the practice. Not so long ago these machines were only available in dental hospitals and specialist centres, however forward-thinking practices have started to take the journey from 2D imaging to 3D digital. The scanner will allow us to take images that show the teeth, jaws, bone, blood vessels and nerves in high definition and in three dimensions. This enables us to digitally plan treatments such as implant placement, root canal treatment, orthodontic treatment or surgical procedures without referring out-with the practice.

If you would like to find out any more information on things mentioned such as implants, cosmetic orthodontics or 3D imaging please get in touch.