Bridges are used to fill in unsightly gaps in your smile. They can also be used replace back teeth to help with chewing. Your existing teeth are used to hold bridges in place and they do not come out like dentures. There are many different styles and designs of bridges available. Like crowns they can be made to look incredibly natural so nobody will be able to tell you have a missing tooth.

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A bridge is an artificial tooth which is kept in place by fixing it to an adjacent healthy tooth or teeth. A bridge does not come out like a denture. Bridges can also be fixed to dental implants.

The two most common types of bridge are conventional and adhesive bridges. Conventional bridgework requires preparation of the adjacent tooth/teeth to a space for a crown. The downside of a conventional preparation is that natural tooth tissue needs to be removed from all sides of the tooth just like a crown preparation. This can lead to the nerve dying off inside the tooth in up to 20% of cases. Adhesive bridges (also known as maryland bridges) do quite often require some reduction of tooth tissue but this is significantly less than for a conventional preparation and as a result there is less risk to the nerve inside the tooth. The downside of Maryland bridges is that they can fall out more than conventional bridges however the five-year survival rate is still very high at over 80%.

Bridges like crowns can be made of metal and porcelain or all ceramic materials. The type of material selected depends on a number of factors such as the span of the bridge, how the teeth touch together and also cosmetic factors.

Yes, implants can be used to hold in bridgework. If you are missing 3 or 4 teeth you do not need to have 3 or 4 implants placed. You can have an implant placed and the front and back of the space and a bridge to fill in the gaps in between.

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Bridges are used to fill in unsightly gaps in your smile. They can also be used replace


Crowns are an excellent way to build up broken down teeth to improve their strength and appearance.



Dentures are used to fill in larger gaps in the mouth that may not be suitable for bridges or implants.