New Website is Here!

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new website which is now live. We’ve been working very hard on this behind the scenes and we’re really pleased with the outcome. We made the decision to update the website early in the year before COVID 19 chaos was even on the radar, however many of the new features have been directly influenced by the technological changes that have come to the fore during lockdown. The rate of change for technology and our adaption to it has been teleported 5 years into the future in only 5 months with our new reliance on the internet and digital platforms. Things that we never even dreamt of doing in January are now an everyday occurrence. How many of you imagined you would be talking to friends and family over Zoom or doing your job from your kitchen whilst ordering your weekly shopping to be delivered to your front door? We have all adapted very quickly to these big changes in our daily habits. Dentistry is also changing, and the emergence of the virtual consultation has been a game changer. This change, like most others, has grown out of necessity as patients simply couldn’t attend during lockdown. Now that patients can come to the surgery again we have realised that many aspects of the planning process for dentistry do not actually need to happen in the clinic.  At Hannigan Dental Care, for example, we have been trialing virtual consultations for Invisalign clear aligners and the feedback has been fantastic. The Invisalign software is so advanced that we can show time lapse digital simulations of the changes that will happen on a week to week basis. This allows you to see what your end result will be before you even start. The virtual consultation is an excellent way to show you these simulations all from the comfort of your own home. As we are not using the dental clinics at the practice we have much more flexibility to book these consultations for times that work best for you. We can more comfortably discuss treatment such as Invisalign, Cfast, implants, and facial aesthetics which are complex treatments and need more time and explanation. Obviously there is a limit to what we can do virtually but it can significantly cut down the number of appointments needed at the practice in Muirhead and save you valuable time.

Jargon Buster……

The website also includes more educational content, photographs & video to show you what we can do at the practice and to try and debunk some of the technical jargon that we dentists may use or you may see on social media. Terms such as crowns, bridges, root canal treatment & implants are all explained in detail and we have included helpful FAQ’s to attempt to explain what is involved with these treatments.  Advice sheets can also be downloaded for common emergencies such as toothache, broken teeth or dental trauma, these can be stored on your computer or printed out for quick reference if any emergency does occur. If you are a parent with young children the dental trauma advice sheet is a particularly good resource to be familiar with.

Upload a Selfie….

We have also included forms for you to ask any questions which we may not have answered. You can also request appointments or register if you have never been to the practice before. You can even upload a picture of your smile and ask for advice! We have also included a link to the invisalign page that allows you to upload a selfie and it will alter the image to show you what you could look like at the end of treatment. Technology has moved so quickly, it really is incredible!


Our goal was to provide a platform for the practice to engage with our patients but also to educate. We will be posting regular blogs which will focus on prevention of dental disease and explain what we do behind the scenes to give you an idea of the work our team does to make sure you get the best treatment and experience possible. The website will evolve with time and we are more than happy to write blogs or content on any subjects you feel are not covered so please get in contact if you have an suggestions.

Thanks as always for reading our blog and we hope to see you all soon.

Pearse Hannigan